• I know teachers don't hear this much but just wanted to say thanks for all you do.  I love hearing all the things [my son] gets to do in Culinary.  He is one of those rate teens that actually kinda likes going to school and I"m really impressed on all the things he has learned in Culinary.  Thanks again for all you do.

    Misty Stapp Parent of a Culinary Arts Student
  • Ms. Fyffe and her Culinary classes have provided services for us in a most professional manner.  The high quality of your food and your services has made us remain proud to claim you as our partners.  CTOS hopes you continue to be successful in your endeavors as our partners.

    Joelle Bedwell CTOS Program Chairman
  • I wanted to share that the Standardized Patient encounters have been successful this year.  More importantly, I wanted to express to you what a wonderful job Mrs. Wilder is doing with her students.  They are prepared each week and I have watched her work some of them through their fears.  It is wonderful to see a teacher who cares so much for her students and wants them to succeed.

    Rebecca Morales Baylor Scott & White, Standardized Patient Educator
  • Mr. Koontz Auto 2 class-You guys did a great job replacing my windshield wiper motor on my 2012 Jetta. I appreciate your hard work. I will definitely be a returning customer.

    Ms. Vinci -November 2018
  • The meal was so very well prepared and served to all of us! [Mrs.] Fyffe and her students continue to do an exemplar job whenever I encounter them.

    Joelle Bedwell - Feb 2016
  • Mrs. Thompson, I just wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the grooming performed on our dogs. The two female students clipping Hope were fabulous! They did not know I had entered the room during the grooming. I could hear them talking sweetly to her and keeping her calm. I could see them being extra gentle and caring, while handling her. Hope is a nervous dog and typically doesn’t trust anyone but our family. Watching and listening to those students warmed my heart tremendously. Their interaction with me was both professional and friendly. Thank you for all you do for TISD and the Career and Technology Center. You have taught your students well.

    Monica Boyd Administrative Assistant to Asst. Supt. of Curriculum & Instruction - Jan 2016
  • I was so impressed with not only the food and its presentation at the Kings of Cuisine, but loved the spirit the students brought to the event. Congratulations on a well deserved win in a VERY competitive category!

    Jennifer Graham Kings of Cuisine Coordinator - October 2015
  • Eric Kaiser, On behalf of the TISD Security Department, I wanted to thank the Wildcat Automotive students for transforming our security golf cart. It rose from a simple and ordinary golf cart, to an amazing and extraordinary off-road ATV. We have received countless positive comments and congratulations from parents, staff members, people from the community, from the police officers who we work with during athletic events and even from our assistant superintendents, Dr. Moger and Dr. Ott. I believe Dr. Ott said that he wanted to build one just like ours because he was very impressed! I wanted to, no, I need to say that security could not have made such an impact on our campus, during games and within the community without Wildcat Automotive working as hard as they did to make an admired, respected, and professional looking golf cart. We are proud to use our golf cart to carry out our daily tasks and provide security and safety throughout any and all events, because of you. Wildcat Automotive has been an essential part of helping revamp the Security Department by creating something more than just a suped-up golf cart. It has created an exceptional and reliable mode of transportation and safety vehicle that sets the professional and safety parameters onto a higher level of expectations. Students, staff and the community are viewing Security as a respectable, professional and high standard department that has higher safety and security goals and standards to abide by. You have an amazing program that equips these young adults with the necessary career skills to progress and become very positive and productive young adults in the working community! That is beyond amazing! All of this just started with a teacher and his students working hard on a golf cart, in their automotive shop. Thank you!

    Victor Gonzalez TISD Head of Security - Sep 2015
  • I wanted to let you know how much Jessica and I appreciated our manicures! We felt so pretty afterwards that we had our husbands take us out to dinner tonight! Your students were so professional and did such a fantastic job that we told them we would be back in a couple weeks! Being pampered by Cosmetology was absolutely the highlight of our day!

    Jackie Wright - May 2015
  • I watched an instant between [student] and a customer. The customer was rude and obstinate and [student] impressed me with his cool headed ability to handle the customer. He is an asset to the company!

    Bryan Subway Supervisor - Apr 2015
  • The lunch provided today to the Temple Chamber Board by the THS Culinary Arts students was excellent! The service was friendly and professional, and the students were very impressive in discussing their career goals after graduation. I especially enjoyed the chocolate pie! These students and their program are an impressive representation of THS.

    Dan Posey Temple Independent School District Board Member - May 2017
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