Business & Industry Advisory Council

The Business & Industry Advisory Council provides a direct link between the school district and community businesses through which education can be driven by workforce need.


To analyze educational choices in order to make strategic decisions that lead to successful opportunities for students and business.


The TISD Wildcat Workforce Business & Industry Advisory Council exists to advise, assist, support, and advocate for Career and Technical Education programs.


The Council will:

  • Link education with business and industry.
  • Enable the District to glean feedback and insight from business experts in order to implement relevant and innovative CTE initiatives.
  • Provide opportunity for business and industry leaders to gain knowledge about CTE options, programs and legislation.
  • Cultivate a collaborative, cross-beneficial relationship with TISD and local businesses.

In addition to the advisory council at large, ad hoc committees may be appointed in order to implement specific initiatives and/or evaluate and plan for specific programs.

The council meets two to four times per year. Additional meetings are scheduled as needed in order to efficiently meet the needs of businesses and the District.

The Council serves solely in an advisory capacity in order to aid the District in providing meaningful, forward-thinking education. The Council works cooperatively with school personnel in reviewing and providing feedback regarding educational initiatives. Members are volunteers who agree to share expert knowledge associated with Career and Technology Education.

The Council forms four functions:

  1. Advise
  2. Assist
  3. Support
  4. Advocate
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