Our Staff

  • Denise Ayres
    Denise Ayres Director of Career & Technical Education
  • Grant Ermis, PhD
    Grant Ermis, PhD Coordinator of Career & Technical Education
  • Jennifer Kincaid
    Jennifer Kincaid Career & Technical Education Department Secretary
  • Jonathan Anastas
    Jonathan Anastas Teacher
  • Natavia Barber
    Natavia Barber Teacher
  • Daniel Battershell
    Daniel Battershell Teacher
  • Krystal Battreall
    Krystal Battreall Teacher
  • Stephen Bishop
    Stephen Bishop Teacher
  • Heather Bouvier
    Heather Bouvier Teacher
  • Kristi Branton
    Kristi Branton Teacher
  • Maribeth Brown
    Maribeth Brown Teacher
  • Kimberly Compton
    Kimberly Compton Teacher
  • Melissa Coppage
    Melissa Coppage Teacher
  • Matt Corley
    Matt Corley Teacher
  • Stephanie Cuddy
    Stephanie Cuddy Teacher
  • Jessica Cuellar
    Jessica Cuellar Teacher
  • Davion Curtis
    Davion Curtis Teacher
  • Marla Elliott
    Marla Elliott Teacher
  • Jonathan Froese
    Jonathan Froese Teacher
  • Margaret Fyffe
    Margaret Fyffe Teacher
  • Brad Hamrick
    Brad Hamrick Teacher
  • Brianna Hubnik
    Brianna Hubnik Teacher
  • Sherri Humphrey
    Sherri Humphrey Teacher
  • Richard Jackson
    Richard Jackson Teacher
  • Monica Kinsey
    Monica Kinsey Teacher
  • Josh Koontz
    Josh Koontz Teacher
  • Luke Leon
    Luke Leon Teacher
  • Jake Lingo
    Jake Lingo Teacher
  • Elizabeth Maybin
    Elizabeth Maybin Teacher
  • Jessica Morris
    Jessica Morris Teacher
  • Kaylin Morrison
    Kaylin Morrison Teacher
  • Bill Nelson
    Bill Nelson Teacher
  • Lannie Pacha
    Lannie Pacha Teacher
  • Samuel Padilla
    Samuel Padilla Teacher
  • Shoshoni Phillips
    Shoshoni Phillips Teacher
  • Sarah Ponce
    Sarah Ponce Teacher
  • Tammy Sapp
    Tammy Sapp Teacher
  • Amy Tyner
    Amy Tyner Teacher
  • Kinsey Verett
    Kinsey Verett Teacher
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