Vision and Guiding Principles

_MG_2453To inspire, engage and prepare students in order to promote success in the constantly changing workforce.

The CTE vision is defined by five guiding principles.¹ Collectively, they serve as guideposts for CTE leaders and partners to set priorities and make decisions affecting CTE programs, policies and priorities and to chart a new course for CTE in the 21st century._MG_5343

  • Principle 1: CTE is critical to ensure local, regional, state, national and global competitiveness for TISD students
  • Principle 2: CTE actively partners with employers to design and provide high-quality, dynamic programs
  • Principle 3: CTE prepares students to succeed in post-secondary education and careers
  • Principle 4: CTE delivers comprehensive courses incorporating academic rigor as well as technical and employability skills and aligns programs of study to The National Career Clusters Framework
  • Principle 5: CTE is a results-driven system that links to greater earnings, improved employability, and positive cost-benefit ratio
¹Adapted from the National Association of State Directors of Career and Technical Education Consortium (NASDCTEc)