KWKT: Temple HS Students Partner with International Software Developing Company

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TEMPLE, Texas – A collaboration between PDI, an international computer programming company and Temple High School is allowing 11 students to learn from developers about coding.

The computer programming team will work side by side with professional developers on ways to execute computer programs, control and create video games, and even develop their own projects at an advanced level.

“It’s fun, really fun because it’s a new environment than school and there’s not that many kids in the class,” said Samuel Mungia, Sophomore.  “I feel so special to be here, and to be chosen it’s going to help me so much.”

And Temple High School Computer Programming Teacher, Emilio Granado agrees.

“To be actually exposed to an actual work environment, is great,” said Granado, “My class is great, but it’s very cut and dry and this way at PDI, it gives them that hands on experience and it’ll give them that confidence when they get out of college. Having this on their resume will separate them  from hundreds of other applicants.”

The students will take learn at PDI every other Wednesday until the Fall semester is completed.

All of this is free to the students.

PDI provides the kids with snacks and refreshments and even computers for those students who do not have the means for computer programming software.

“This is just so great, it’s such an experience for them and PDI is helping them greatly,” said Granado.

Granado teaches over 130 students at Temple High School and says the way they’ve kept up with the program is amazing.

“I just am super proud! They work hard, my students are just not in program, most of these guys are in band, tennis, student council, speech team so i’m just lucky to even borrow them for a quick second to actually be here on A Wednesday afternoon.”

Next Spring semester Granado hopes to have two coding teams at PDI.

One which is made up of young women.

“It’s something I want to do, get the girls to experience computer programming and there’s so many resources to get females into this industry, that they could honestly get college flat out paid for them if they pursued a computer science major.”

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